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Limited Warranty

OnDuty Systems, LP (“OnDuty”) optionally provides its Customers with a Limited Warranty for residential and commercial customers.

This Limited Warranty gives coverage for alarm devices installed by OnDuty and/or equipment certified by OnDuty. It is the responsibility of the Customer to property test their system on a weekly basis, and to report any malfunction to OnDuty as soon as possible. OnDuty will made the necessary repair and/or replacement of equipment in order to restore the equipment to its original operating condition, at OnDuty’s expense for parts and labor. OnDuty will respond to repair requests by the Customer within a reasonable time. OnDuty’s business hours are from 8am – 5pm business days, and OnDuty will be closed on holidays and weekends. After hours emergency service is available for systems that cannot be armed or disarmed; however, after hour service is chargeable at OnDuty’s prevailing rate at the time of such service. This limited warranty is a part of OnDuty’s Alarm Monitoring Agreement, which specifies all terms and conditions of the service.


OnDuty’s Limited Warranty covers parts and labor from failures of the system involving normal wear and tear, and mechanical malfunction. This coverage is for OnDuty does not cover damage to the system caused by acts of God (such as lightning) or physical damage to the system; nor does it cover batteries in wireless devices, nor wiring in walls. All other devices that have been installed by OnDuty, or otherwise certified into the system, are covered by this repair / replacement limited warranty. New systems usually have a one year limited warranty, in which any service requests made by Customer will not be charged for covered items. After the initial one year limited warranty has expired, the Customer will be responsible for OnDuty charges for such repairs at OnDuty’s prevailing rate for such services; unless, the Customer has optioned to have a written service policy.

OnDuty Systems, LP’s Limited Warranty is strictly a repair / replacement warranty. OnDuty does not warrant that the system will prevent burglary, robbery, fire, smoke, or the consequences therefrom. That OnDuty assumes the Customer has insurance for such losses; and OnDuty is not responsible for any losses of this nature, including providing a security system while such equipment is being repaired.

OnDuty wants its Customers to be as safe as possible, therefore, use common sense security procedures, be sure to arm your system, test your system weekly, and to report any malfunctions to OnDuty promptly.

Thank you.

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