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Security Camera Systems for your Home

Residential Security Camera system adt monitoringSecurity Camera systems or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems provide an extra level of security for your home.

Camera surveillance can let you keep an eye on your points of entry, garage/driveway, pool, etc… You can view all the camera feeds from your smart phone or computer from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Having all the security video available for recall when needed can assist when you have a theft either inside or out.

The system also has motion sensitivity, allowing the system to record events in real time based on motion in sensitive areas  Today’s color cameras provide high resolution images allow for clarity when trying to identify faces, vehicles or other items when your security perimeter is breached.

There is a big difference between the surveillance equipment you can buy at a discount electronics store or discount clubs and the equipment a professional Security Systems integrator specifies for most of our residential applications. The biggest difference is in capability, quality, warranty length and function.

Please understand that MOST Security Companies WILL NOT install equipment a resident has purchased for a residential application. You get into all sorts of warranty issues, function and camera challenges.

Our digital video recorders provide video records for up to a month with easy to use reviewing interface.

Additionally, OnDuty Systems will custom design a security camera system for you and can even provide you with financing thru a third party with -0- % interest, if paid within 12 months.

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