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OnDuty Pest Control specializes in the installation and service of Pest Tubes, installed in the walls to deliver Control solutions in an area not available to children and pets.

How do the Tubes work?

Pest Tubes for pest control in Houston, TexasThe tubes work by distributing pesticide into the exterior walls and around areas of moisture like kitchens and bathrooms.  The tubes have small holes that, with high pressure, distributes the liquid quickly into the walls.

There are usually two (2) portals on a house equipped with tubes, on on each side of the home.  Each portal may have 3 or more tube “runs” where our technicians charge each run every 90 days.  This creates a barrier in the walls, keeping your house bug free.

The charging of the tubes quarterly is a important part of our overall quarterly services.

For more details, please go to OnDutyPestControl.com

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