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Houston Fire Alarmcommercial fire alarm system by OnDuty Systems VESDA in Houston, Texas


Houston Fire Alarm systems VESDA smoke detection lasersOnDuty Systems offers industry leading Houston fire alarm systems by Honeywell, Potter, VESDA, Fire-Lite, Systems Sensor, and more.

We provide Fire Alarm pull stations, Fire Alarm sounding and visual activation devices, Fire Alarm smoke and heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, aspirating smoke detectors, sprinkler systems water flow monitoring devices and much more.

When a fire breaks out in a commercial building, time is your enemy.  Smoke damage, loose of life and fire damage can devastate a business and shut down your operation. You need a system designed to meet the National standards that will alert a central station within seconds of activation for immediate dispatch of Fire fighting personnel. Every second counts!

Our Life Safety solutions are designed to help detect fire and smoke for a fast response to save lives and to greatly reduce property loss.

Houston Fire System Benefits:

Provides early warning of fire and smoke for life safety, resulting in:
  • Lower risk of fire / smoke damage
  • Conventional and Addressable systems, to pinpoint location of fire
  • 24-Hour UL Listed Fire System Monitoring & Response

Expert Fire System Installation:

We install Fire Systems for:

  • School & Day Care Facilities
  • Commercial Office & Warehouse
  • Retail Stores
  • Bank & Financial Institutions
  • Industrial Applications & Critical
  • Houston VESDA Fire System Contractor using aspirating smoke detector systems*

Additionally, we monitor the most brands of fire monitoring systems and provide inspections and services as required.

Call us today for a quote for your Fire System!  713-378-7500

*An aspirating smoke detector (ASD) is a system used in active fire protection, consisting of a central detection unit which draws air through a network of pipes to detect smoke. The sampling chamber is based on a nephelometer that detects the presence of smoke particles suspended in air by detecting the laser light scattered by them in the chamber. ASDs can typically detect smoke before it is visible to the naked eye.

In most cases aspirating smoke detectors require a fan unit to draw in a sample of air from the protected area through its network of pipes.  OnDuty Systems, LP is a VESDA installing contractor and provides complete installation of this system.


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