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Buying a Safe is smart money spent!

Why you need a safe in your home!

First, let’s define the difference between a safe and a lock box.

A safe should weigh at least 300 pounds and be fastened to the floor and/or wall with bolts that are attached inside and through the wall of the safe.  It takes 3 of our technicians to install a safe.  Imagine one or two burglars trying to move a 500 pound unit that takes a special dolly to install.

A lock box may look like a safe, function like a safe, but only weigh up to 150 pounds.  In other words, a big man can pick it up, throw it on a shoulder and walk away.

Crime, natural disasters and hard economic times are all good reasons to own a safe.  It is a good investment to protect your valuables.

Safes come in many different sizes, models and levels of protection. Some safes may serve well to double in fire and theft protection. Consider the size of the safe you need and what things you are likely to store inside.

Hayman Magna Vaults Safes to protect cash, jewelry and other valuables.Important documents:
Valuable and Rare Photos
Historic Documents
Birth Certificates
Social Security Cards
Court Documents
Medical Records
Important Client Agreements/Contracts
Bank Statements
Savings Bonds/Checks/Money Orders

Valuable items:
Precious Metals
Collectible Coins
Fire Arms
Small Antiques

Many people use Bank Safety Deposit boxes.  What if the Bank is closed?  What if the BANKS are closed! What if there is a natural disaster and you can not get to the cash or valuables you need to survive?  These are reasons we recommend a safe for your home.

Additionally, we also offer financing and can make a life purchase like this more affordable with 0% financing.

Call us today for a quote on a Hayman Safe for protecting your valuables.  713-378-7000





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