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Adding Fire and Smoke Detection to your Security Alarm

Smoke/Fire Add-On to your home security system

Almost every home built in the last 25 years has smoke alarms installed by the electrician to alert home owners of smoke in your home. As we all know, these are great at waking you up at 2:00 am with low battery chirps to let you know the 9 volt battery on board (they are wired to your house power 110VAC and use batteries in event of power loss) is low.  

However, this system does not report to your Security Alarm System to notify you when you are not at home if/when it is activated by smoke or fire. Additionally, the system does not include carbon monoxide detection.

We can, depending on the layout of your home, install wireless smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection that interfaces with your existing alarm system.  This will be monitored 24/7/365 to notify you locally and remotely of an activation.  Our monitoring center can dispatch the fire department and notify your call list quickly, allowing you to manage the situation remotely if you are not there.  Often times, with initial smoke detection and quick response, you can save a lot of damage from happening.

Most 3-4 bedroom homes can be addressed quickly and for less than $599.00. You need the smoke detectors outside the master bedroom door, in common bedroom areas and one (1) per floor minimum.  If you like, a heat detector near the kitchen and perhaps one (1) in the attic above your AC/Water heating units if you use gas.  Additionally, the carbon monoxide detector can go in a common open area near a fireplace.

Call us today at 713-378-7589 and we can send our one of our security professionals to evaluate your home floor plan and make recommendations for your peace of mind. We do have -0-% financing available.

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